28 Matte Black Nail Ideas That Are Giving ~Gothcore Chic~ (2024)

Time to channel your inner Wednesday Addams.

By Chelsea Avila
28 Matte Black Nail Ideas That Are Giving ~Gothcore Chic~ (1)

If you're just not feeling the girly glitter manicures and Hailey Bieber-style glazed donut nails that have been all over the internet the last few months, I've got good news for you. 2023's trendiest manicure channels the exact opposite vibe: gothcore. Edgy, moody, and statement-making matte black manicures and nail designs are about to be seen on it-girls everywhere.

So to help you get a jumpstart on the trend, I did hours of Instagram scrolling to roundup the coolest takes on matte black nails—including black-on-black french manicures, shine-free minimalist nail art, punk rock-inspired accent nails, and more—that you should immediately add to your saves and reference as inspo at your next nail appointment.


    This Matte Black Queen of Hearts Mani

    Grab a nail dotting tool, dip it in black polish, and with a light hand dab two dots (close-knit yet with some room in between) next to each other on the center of the nail bed. Connect the dots into a v-shape, shade it in, and voila—you have the most romantic matte-black heart against a nude base.

    Recreate it with: Sally Hansen Pro Nail Art Tool Kit


    Nail Idea: Matte Black Flames

    Move aside bright-colored flaming manicures. The fiery flame nail trend in a matte finish looks muted yet still intensifies that drip effect, especially on rounded-out nails, where brushing through the entire tip of the nail locks the design in place.

    ✨Recreate it with: Essie Gel Couture Matte Top Coat


    Black and Cream Cableknit Nails

    We’ve now entered winter nail art territory—a design reserved for a matte finish and a cozy season. The 3D design magnifies against a shiny transparent base coat, and since you’ll only cover the top half of the nail with knitted-sweater-reminiscent nail art, a thin stripe offers a transition between the thick and smooth polish textures.

    ✨Recreate it with: Beetles Nail Art Liner Brushes

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    Matte Black Celestial Nail Art

    This epic mani has got it allllll going on. A gradient, ombre-esque finish, matte black tips, and a golden celestial design that's absolutely out-of-this-world stunning.

    Recreate it with: Maniology Nail Stamping Plate in BM-XL213


    2023 Mani Idea Idea: Black Zodiac Nails

    I may not know what my rising, sun, and moon signs are to accurately recreate a matte-black zodiac-inspired mani on my own, but what I do know is the perfect golden nail art decal to give the constellation nail trend a go. Your amazon cart never looked so good.

    Recreate it with: Miss Forever Nail Stickers


    This Dual-Textured Manicure

    Hello, minimalism. You see, the beautiful thing about dual-textured nail look is that it has no rules, it’s all about what you want it to be. Paint your nails matte black first and then freehand a few simple lines and shapes using shiny black nail polish.

    Recreate it with: Gucci Vernis à Ongles Nail Polish in 700 Crystal Black

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    This Matte Black Mani with Italics

    Finding the right nail polish to contrast your black, all-matte mani is as simple as looking to a hue that falls at the opposite end of the color spectrum: an ultra-nude matte polish. And if your pretty little hands can manage hand-drawing nail art with your non-dominant hand too (truly a talent), take a chance on investing in Orly’s Short Detailer Brush to achieve dainty italicized numerals and lettering in just a flick.

    ✨Recreate it with: Orly Matte Top Coat


    This Diagonal Matte Black Nail Ideas

    The secret to making this design look 10/10 isn't the epic coffin nail shape (although that definitely doesn't hurt your chances)...it's scotch tape. Use it to create a clean, crisp lines between the matte and glossy polishes like a GD pro.

    Recreate it with: Mischo Beauty Nail Polish in Run the World


    Matte Black Nails with Metallic Stars

    I could soooo see this black matte manicure with holographic stars being A thing during festival season. To DIY, do yourself a favor a invest in some star-shaped nail stickers or decals plus a glossy topcoat to lock em in place.

    Recreate it with: Kitbe Star Nail Art Stickers

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    Tattoo-Inspired Matte Black Nails for 2023

    When my TikTok for you page became flooded with nail tattoo videos, it took everything in me to refrain from getting my nails inked. But let me just say, these edgy designs at the center of the nail mimic the trend head-on.

    ✨Recreate it with: sundays T.03 Matte Top Coat


    This Matte Black Press-On Mani

    It’s safe to say our generation has collectively embraced the grunge aesthetic in 2023. Thankfully, Static Nails’ got a head start on the trend and created the Caviar Almond press-on kit. Your zero-commitment matte manicure will even feature vampy-red peekaboo tips.

    ✨Recreate it with: Static Nails Caviar Almond Press-On Nails


    Matte Black Nail Idea: Geometic Accents

    If your vibe is all about subtle geometric accents, focus on painting the detail on only two nails on each hand. I’ve got to get my hands on an oversized blazer to really emulate this classy manicure’s full effect.

    Recreate it with: Sally Hansen Nail Art Striper Color in White

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    2023 Nail Idea: Matte Black Tiger Stripes

    Tiger stripe designs seem so beginner-friendly, I’m about ready to go full-on Bob Ross on my nails. You don’t even need a base color to finesse the design, although imagine how good matte stripes would look atop brown nail polish.

    ✨Recreate it with: Essie Quick-Dry Expressie After Midnight Kit


    Spooky Season-Inspired Nails

    There’s no doubt this hazy manicure has spooky season written all over it. A glossy mani couldn’t compete even if it tried, proving yet again the depth a matte finish brings is quite literally unmatched.

    ✨Recreate it with: Reusable Halloween Smoky Press-On Nails


    This Neutral Mani with Matte Black Swirls

    A neutral manicure, while timeless, can feel a little blah, Liven up a classic color with black matte swirls and a touch of white polish to really sculpt out those moody crevices on select fingertips.

    ✨Recreate it with: Essie Nail Polish in Mind-full Meditation

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    This Matte Black Mani with An Accent Nail

    IDK about you, butI I'm feeling like this unique matte black mani with an accent nail design most definitely calls for a crimson red lip and a date night at the jazz club.

    ✨Recreate it with: Jin Soon Matte Maker Topcoat


    Nail Idea: Reptile Design

    Snake-skin prints and serpent designs are having a moment in fashion, and now, slithery manis have entered the chat. Don't forget to bust out your nail art brushes for this look to ensure you get all the details just right.

    ✨Recreate it with: Tocoles Nail Art Brushes


    Delicate Matte Black Swirls

    We’ve seen swirls take shape on the nails in horizontal movements a bunch, but when you draw a stream of thin swirls vertically from base to tip, the shiny layer echoes an understated elegance.

    ✨Recreate it with: Boy de Chanel Nail Color 404

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    A Matte Black French Manicure for 2023

    There's nothing chicer than this black-on-black French manicure with a matte base and ultra-glossy tips. Pair it with your favorite black jeans and blazer for a cool-girl monochromatic look.

    ✨Recreate it with: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark


    This Edgy French Manicure

    Another stunning matte black French manicure idea...this time with a punk rock twist. I feel like Avril Lavigne would have totally worn nails like this circa 2002, right?

    ✨Recreate it with: Sally Hansen Nail Art Striper in Black

    28 Matte Black Nail Ideas That Are Giving ~Gothcore Chic~ (22)

    Chelsea Avila

    Freelance Beauty Writer

    Chelsea Avila is a freelance beauty and fashion editorial writer based in Queens, New York. She is a Latina who loves lipstick, runway fashion and beauty, and learning new words.

    28 Matte Black Nail Ideas That Are Giving ~Gothcore Chic~ (2024)


    Can black nails look classy? ›

    Black is always elegant — you just can't beat perfectly manicured black nails for that super chic look. – They are also striking. It's a relatively new trend, so it's going to look edgy and a little bit different.

    Are matte black nails in style? ›

    Edgy, moody, and statement-making matte black manicures and nail designs are about to be seen on it-girls everywhere.

    Are matte nails classy? ›

    Matte nails look stylish and very unusual and at the same time – very feminine. One of its undeniable advantages is that this type of nail art works with the strictest dress code even when choosing the brightest color.

    Are black nails emo? ›

    Liking black, dark stuff, macabre art and black nails is something you can find inside AND outside the goth subculture, including in other dark alternative subcultures (rivetheads, metalheads, emos, deathrockers, horror punks, etc).

    Are black fingernails goth? ›

    It also featured heavily in the “goth” subculture, an offshoot of the punk era where both women and men wore all black clothing along with heavy make-up and black nail polish.

    Are black nails goth? ›

    Black is the color you would see most commonly worn in the corporate setting (apart from blue and grey, of course), by rockstars, in goth culture, by rebels, and of course, in night parties! This color screams classiness and style.

    Can black nails be elegant? ›

    “Black manicures are definitely the 'winter nude' of this season,” confirms pro nail artist Julia Diogo (known as @paintedbyjools on Instagram). “They're super chic, elegant and timeless. It's also a shade that flatters all skin tones.” Saving these for our next mani appointment.

    Why is matte black so popular? ›

    One of the main reasons is simply that it's different. After so many years of shiny chrome, brass, and stainless steel, it's refreshing to tone things down with a subtle matte black.

    Who wears black nail polish? ›

    It can mean different things to different people, but generally, this color is said to symbolize strength, confidence, power. These are traditionally seen as “masculine'' traits, so it is not surprising that men choose to wear this color.

    What nail color is most classy? ›

    “I would say a milky pink [think Chanel's Ballerina], due to the trend of quiet luxury,” says Kandalec. “Or if someone is a gel/enhancement girlie, I'd say an autumnal red that's deeper and more brown based versus a classic red [like CND's Classic Lipstick], or a French manicure with thin, classic white tip.”

    What are rich girl nails? ›

    A twist on the classic nude nail look, the rich girl manicure features neutral polish in a slightly unexpected way, whether it's a sheer coat of color, a mega glossy finish, a milky ombré effect, or something in between.

    What are the cons of matte nails? ›

    However, light matte nails could easily get stained with make-up if not careful. Another downside to wearing matte top is that it chips faster. It also loses it matte-ness faster and reverts to being shiny.

    What do black nails stand for? ›

    Black nails are a strong statement of individual style that go against traditional gender norms and a symbol of solidarity, pride, and empowerment.

    How do you make black nails not look Goth? ›

    Create a striking look by alternating white and black polish. Try this glamazoid look for size. Use 2 tones to create different yet complementary nail styles. Or do away with a second colour and just use blank space to pretty up them black nails.

    What is the black nail theory? ›

    The idea behind black nail theory is that a shiny black manicure can boost your confidence, which is not unlike the purported effects of a classic red mani. However, the goal of painting your nails black is not to attract attention from men. It's about doing it as an act of empowerment for yourself.

    Are black nails elegant? ›

    They're super chic, elegant and timeless. It's also a shade that flatters all skin tones.” Saving these for our next mani appointment. From solid blocks of glossy black to a black micro French manicure, there are several ways to experiment with this trend.

    Is dark nail polish classy? ›

    When it comes to creating a stylish look with your nail polish, black is always a solid fan favorite. Whether you're going for an edgy look or want to create the little black dress of nail polish, black nail polish is a classic.

    What nails are considered classy? ›

    12 Classy Nail Designs That Will Always Be In Style
    • Natural nude.
    • Creamy white French manicure.
    • Sage green geometrics.
    • Old English script.
    • Pastel pink swirls.
    • Dainty daisies.
    • Gold and white marble.
    • Clever and classy chess.
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