Roasted Asparagus Frittata Recipe (2024)



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Brought my cast iron pan gently to heat with EVOO, then cooked the frittata slowly on the stove. Finished it in the turned-off oven from roasting the asparagus. Great! Looking forward to othe veg/cheese combos.

Gingy Vitas

We Seminoles have been doing this in Florida for centuries. So very glad that the Californians have discovered it!


Far too little ingredients for 10” skillet. Would up with scrambled eggs and asparagus. But still good.


Crumbling and sprinkling 4 slices of cooked bacon over the roasted asparagus before adding the eggs mixture provided nice flavor and texture.

Linn Steward RDN

‪Frittata with the roasted asparagus makes a yummy little supper. But this morning I decided to run my own analysis because the nutrition numbers don't look right to my analyst's eye.‬ Big difference. Since optional and unmeasured ingredients can't be counted, the olive oil, cheese, and salt were never analyzed. Sending my data to the website editor.

Chris S.

Heavenly. Super when husband added gruyere; great even when I didn't(!). Roasted asparagus also great separately (delightful in salad or on toast). Frittata also works with different ingredients (tried w/ roasted leeks--nice, though asparagus better). Leftovers lovely the 2nd day, whether cold (plain, or in sandwich as Mark Bittman suggests) or reheated briefly in microwave (not so fluffy, but still great). Doubles, even triples, for 12"-13" everyday pan. Our new go-to recipe once a week!


What I miss the most about Bay Area spring was the lovely green garlic that popped up in farmer's markets. A quick stir fry of spring vegetables, favas or edamame and green garlic in good olive oil and sea salt needs only a loaf of crusty bread to remind you why those astronomical housing prices are a real value.


I melted a little butter in the skillet before adding the asparagus and eggs. The surplus roasted asparagus was delicious to snack on.

Annie S.

This was delicious! I'd made a frittata before with parmesan cheese, but maybe not enough parmesan!
I cooked it in a skillet, in the oven, at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. That might be a tad overdone for some people, but I loved it. Had half of it warm for dinner then room temperature for lunch the next day; tasty both ways.

Joal H. Broun

Great recipe. Made it with chopped spinach and gruyere. Even my 19 year old son liked it. I added an additional egg because I used a 12 inch skillet.


I make something quite similar for my dinner quite often. I can buy roasted wedges of red-skinned potatoes in the freezer case at my Kroger store. I roast them in my toaster oven (could do it with the asparagus) and then add them with the aspargus and then poor the egg mixture over both. I put the shredded parmesan over it all and allow it to cook in the skillet until ready to put in the oven or under the broiler for one a minute or two. I One dish meal that is filling and utterly delicious.


My husband loved this. I thought it was just okay. I added some gruyere to the parm. I also roasted some orange bell pepper I had in the fridge to go with the asparagus.

Annie S.

I think this recipe would easily fit into an 8" skillet. (I have made four egg frittatas with even more ingredients than this recipe, and it seems to work).

Tara C.

Definitely good overall, but will try making modifications next time. 1) I didn't have chervil or parsley, so not sure if that would have made the difference for this recipe. 2) The eggs were very dense and not flavorful enough; I typically add some milk/cream to eggs when making omelettes, but had never made a frittata before and didn't want to alter the recipe too much. Next time I may add a little or whip the eggs more. 3) I'll add more spices next time--it needs more flavor.


Used parsley instead of chervil and caramelized some mushrooms along with half a pound very skinny asparagus which I roasted first, and 6 eggs all in a 10 inch cast iron skillet. Delicious Will make it again


I used aged gouda and also added a little bit of sautéed shallots. Delicious with some potatoes and salad!


I’m with Marguerite — cook the eggs slowly on the stove so the frittata isn’t rubbery; lovely and delicate if you go slow. Fine to brown under grill before it’s quite done.

Tim C.

Followed the recipe with the cheese but added half a butternut squash, chopped into cubes, to the asparagus and roasted. Then added the squash to the pan with the asparagus and it was incredible!


I found it to be you're basic open omelet ( which is what a frittata is). Chervil is hard to find in the country but any herb will do.

FH Cyclist

This was very good & easy until the flipping. Thought had asparagus but didn’t. Used leftover sautéed snow peas w/ capers. Added leeks. Thanks to person who suggested adding butter before eggs. Had leftover fennel fronds and parsley so substituted for chervil. Used Romano cheese. This is an easy meal that can use up a variety of vegetables. Will have when haven’t planned for a meatless Monday dinner. Re: flipping.... will try using 2 plates next time. A how to video would be appreciated.


Use 5 eggs instead of 4, and a cast iron skillet. Finish in the broiler. Perfect.


OMG I roasted a pound of asparagus yesterday and restrained myself from eating them all for dinner so that I could make the frittata for breakfast. Rolled up in a whole grain wrap And indescribably deliciousThank you Sam Sifton.

Krista Lynne

Delicious, easy, and pretty. A good component to a nice-looking brunch. The flavor could punch up just a tad. Perhaps manchego cheese? But it will be fun to riff on.


I roasted some red pepper strips with the asparagus - nice added color and texture.

De Gustibus

It’s fresh asparagus season here. I most often prep it for roasting as follows: Lay it in a shallow baking dish with olive oil, salt, pepper, one thinly sliced clove of garlic and a squeeze of lemon juice. Roll the asparagus around to coat and let it rest for an hour or two. Will try it in the frittata tonight.


Added 2 eggs and some roasted broccoli and made it in a 12 inch cast iron. Putting on a cover helped to cook the eggs on top without the bottom eggs getting overcooked


I don’t bother with the frittata while it’s cooking—I just let it spend some time on the stove top and then half that amount of time under the broiler and call it a day.Simple and quick and delicious. A great trick to have up my sleeve during asparagus season!Dropped pieces of goat cheese on top of frittata while it cooked instead of Parmesan. Used 6 eggs in 10” cast iron—would be quite flat going less. Begs for a spicy red sauce (e.g., sriracha or harissa).

tiger squeakily, jr.

more eggs unless you gave a small cast iron.

Pat philipps

My concern is my All Clad nonstick says it isn’t broiler proof. Comments?

Chris S.

"Alternatively, use an ovenproof pan and put it in the oven or under the broiler for a few minutes."From the recipe, end of Step 4.If you don't have an ovenproof pan, it would seem best to stick with the original instructions and flip the frittata using a plate.


Used parsley instead of chervil and caramelized some mushrooms along with half a pound very skinny asparagus which I roasted first, and 6 eggs all in a 10 inch cast iron skillet. Delicious Will make it again

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Roasted Asparagus Frittata Recipe (2024)
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