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Vault 76 terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals in Vault 76 in Fallout 76.


  • 1 Overseer's terminal
    • 1.1 Vault-Tec Report
    • 1.2 Vault 76 Parameters
    • 1.3 Operation Procedures
      • 1.3.1 Day to Day Duties
      • 1.3.2 Mandatory Shut Down
    • 1.4 Archived Files
      • 1.4.1 Reclamation Day Has Arrived
      • 1.4.2 Survival First
      • 1.4.3 Annual Review: 2100
      • 1.4.4 DELETED FILES
  • 2 Personnel terminal
    • 2.1 Final Notice!
    • 2.2 Correspondence
      • 2.2.1 Missing Nuka-Cola Cherry
      • 2.2.2 About my reassignment
      • 2.2.3 Purge all records
    • 2.3 Personnel Files
      • 2.3.1 A-F
      • 2.3.2 G-O
      • 2.3.3 P-Z
      • 2.3.4 UNSAVED WORK
  • 3 Security terminal
    • 3.2 Incident Reports
      • 3.2.1 Drunk and Disorderly
      • 3.2.2 Assault Investigated
      • 3.2.3 Unauthorized Access Investigation
      • 3.2.4 Theft Investigated
    • 3.3 Security Logs
      • 3.3.1 Final entry
      • 3.3.2 Keeping a lid on it
      • 3.3.3 Rundown Complete
  • 4 Terminal
    • 4.1 Happy Reclamation Day!
    • 4.2 You're Invited!

Overseer's terminal[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (1)

Vault 76 terminal entries (2)

Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

Vault-Tec Report[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (3)


Twenty-five (25) years after the Vault Doors close, you are to prepare your citizens to leave Vault 76 and being a process called "Reclamation." Specifics will be disseminated automatically as that time approaches.

After Reclamation Day, you are personally ordered to find and secure three nuclear silos code-named ALPHA, BRAVO, and CHARLIE. If these sites are still nuclear capable ensure no one except Vault-Tec can access or launch nuclear ordnance.

To be clear, even if there are other authorities (whether government, militia, or otherwise) their claims are to be ignored. Vault-Tec alone maintains jurisdiction.

Vault 76 Parameters[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (4)


Congratulations, Overseer.

Vault 76 is one of the most important projects that Vault-Tec has completed. No expense has been spared on building, staffing, and selecting the inhabitants of your Vault. The cream of the crop of America have been chosen, including luminaries from Vault-Tec University.

The special classes and instruction you've received about managing a Vault do not apply to this assignment. Vault 76 is special. Your mission is to see to the livelihood and well-being of all your residents and make sure they're ready to colonize America once the All-Clear is received.

It is expected you will face challenges we haven't prepared you for. Adapt, learn, and thrive. America is counting on you.

Operation Procedures[]

Day to Day Duties[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (5)

Your job as the Overseer is to see to the overall health and safety of Vault 76. Avoid loss of life at all costs. The Vault Residents have been carefully chosen for their unique skills and temperament.

Due to the aptitude of the Vault Residents, you may be presented with unique challenges in maintaining order. As a last resort, each domicile can be locked down and the resident imprisoned for any duration you deem appropriate. Enforced solitary confinement can lead to psychological issues, so factor that in.

Although the Vault Doors cannot be opened from the inside, keep the entry clear of all unauthorized personnel. The Security Team will stow all weapons and munitions after the amended entry period and will be armed solely with non-lethal devices.

If America is to be rebuilt, every life in this Vault is special. Preserve them all.

Mandatory Shut Down[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (6)

Our studies have shown even after a relatively short duration of living with the amenities of Vault-Tec that test subjects can grow to depend on them. That will not do for Vault 76.

After the All-Clear Message is received, Vault 76 will shutdown all functions inside of 24 hours. Air circulation will cease last, and you should warn the Vault Residents that staying inside the Vault can be lethal after this period.

Everyone must leave the nest. It's imperative that all residents are focused on the important job of rebuilding America.

Archived Files[]

Reclamation Day Has Arrived[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (7)

We counted down to Midnight. I haven't seen everyone cheer like that since Vault baby number one was born.

I called lights out a couple hours ago. Had to get security to help a few people to their beds. Then the volunteers and I got all the standees set up, just like we practiced.

Need to the make the final recordings, and then... it'll be time to head out that door. I wish I could be there to help everyone on their way, but I know they'll make me proud.

Survival First[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (8)

As instructed we set up the survival packages. I've advised everyone to run fast and far from 76 as soon as the doors open.

We have no information about what awaits us. Vault-Tec says we're America's best hope. Now we'll find out.

Annual Review: 2100[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (9)

Another year down. Our mission continues.


*At current count, 6 residents are under Disciplinary Lockdown. That's up from 4 last year. The Morale Officer has managed to quash the worst rumors about Appalachia - cannibal mutants, burning rain, whatever - but tensions are high.

*It's generally pretty easy to maintain order. The pedigree of most of the residents is... impressive, to say the least. But competence sometimes means arrogance. And arrogance means my authority gets tested - more often than it should.

*Hydroponics has been struggling to keep up with demand. I've been loath to institute mandatory rationing, but in 2101 that may be necessary. 76 is full to bursting with people, more than we anticipated.


*The award ceremonies are a great way of stroking the most hardened egos, since everyone's so damned competitive. The low point was someone losing a tooth in a fight over the "Best Dental Hygiene" award...

*The senior staff has been exemplary, as always. Very dependable and loyal. It's been a struggle to keep our over-achievers placated, but another year down and we're still here.

*The Vault 76 World Cup has proven to be a huge hit. The ball damn near broke the jukebox, but the energy in the atrium was just amazing.


Vault 76 terminal entries (10)


Personnel terminal[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (11)

Vault 76 terminal entries (12)

Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

Final Notice![]

Vault 76 terminal entries (13)

If ANYONE is found accessing this terminal and is not a member of the Personnel Department, you will be immediately reported to the Security Chief. No exceptions.


Missing Nuka-Cola Cherry[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (14)

From: Daily, J
Subject: Missing Nuka-Cola Cherry

Just because we're leaving, doesn't give any of you the right to steal from my stash of Nuka-Cola Cherry. I have been rationing those bottles for over 20 years. If I catch any of you, so help me God, there will be consequences.

About my reassignment[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (15)

From: Sullivan, T
Subject: About my reassignment

I realize that it may seem trivial in light of present circ*mstances, but I would greatly appreciate my reassignment being processed before Reclamation Day. I have worked many years to pass all written, verbal, and physical tests to become a Sanitation Engineer.

I have a Doctorate of Engineering from GSU and I don't want to end my tenure at our Vault 76 as a Soda Jerk. Please, let me have the accolades I have earned.

Thanks in advance.

Purge all records[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (16)

From: Security Chief
Subject: Purge all records

Vault-Tec's Reclamation Procedure is very clear. All records must be purged before R-Day.

To be clear, after Reclamation Day there will be no personnel department. There will be no Vault 76. Any of the projects you're in the middle of are done.

If you, for some reason, can't find the time to erase your files I'll send someone over to do it for you. You can bring it up to the Overseer if you like.

Personnel Files[]


Vault 76 terminal entries (17)



Vault 76 terminal entries (18)



Vault 76 terminal entries (19)



Vault 76 terminal entries (20)

Previous Occupation:
Senior VP, Gibraltar Inc

Doctorate of Applied Communications, Cambridge

White House Communication Director (66-69)
National Debate Champion (56)

Current Occupations:

Previous Occupation:
Colonel, USAF

BS in Aerospace Engineering, West Point

Deputy Director of Strategic Planning, JCOS
Medal of Honor (71)
Olympic Bronze Medal, Decathlon (60)

Current Occupation:
Security Officer

Previous Occupation:
Dean of Physics, VTU

Doctorate of Applied Mathematics, CIT
Doctorate of Nuclear Engineering, CIT

Nobel Laureate, Physics (51)

Current Occupation:
Chief Technician, Maintenance

Security terminal[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (21)

Vault 76 terminal entries (22)

Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink


Vault 76 terminal entries (23)


Vault 76 is one of the most highly valuable and important Vaults in our network. As such, these orders must be obeyed at all costs. The future of America is at stake.

Upon receiving the Activation Notice your team is authorized to use lethal force. Any obstacle or threat that stands between you and getting Vault Residents safely inside the Vault must be dealt with decisively. Only authorized residents are allowed inside, all other personnel should be considered enemy combatants.

The Overseer has special instruction after the Activation Notice. As soon as the entry procedures are complete, your team must stow all weapons in the specified containers. Further orders will thanVault 76 terminal entries (24) be dispensed.

Trust your Overseer. Obey your Overseer. Know that each and every member of your team was selected specifically for this assignment because of Vault-Tec's faith in you. If you work together, you will succeed.

Incident Reports[]

Drunk and Disorderly[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (25)

Jill caught M Thompson singing loudly during the night cycle. He got into the Reclamation party stores and "borrowed" a 6 pack.

The rules say the theft mandates Lock Down. But what's the point? In 2 days everyone's out anyhow.

Threw Thompson in the holding cell to sleep it off.

Assault Investigated[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (26)

Nakamura investigated a complaint filed by our old friend Jake. Jake claimed that E Jefferson shoved him with intent to commit bodily injury.

Nakamura found a witness and Jake was gently shoved out of the way after he was laying into Jefferson about being an ineffectual ass.

Asked the chief whether we could nail Jake for filing a false report. Chief said that Jake technically was assaulted, though. So it's dropped.

God, I hate lawyers.

Unauthorized Access Investigation[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (27)

Terminal 023-B was hacked last night. Sandy investigated and we've got no idea who did it. The Reclamation files were accessed, however, which has the chief furious.

What does he expect? Half the Ressies are god damned geniuses, how are we supposed to keep them out of restricted files?

Doubled up the shifts so we have more eyes out there. Like that'll help.

Theft Investigated[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (28)

Another claim from Jake. Again. Sent Nakamura over, she's the only one that doesn't want to strangle the guy.

Jake claims he's missing one box of Sugar Bombs from his room. He's demanding we investigate it. One box of Sugar Bombs? Told Nakamura to drop the investigation. With Reclamation coming we have far more important things to do.

Security Logs[]

Final entry[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (29)

25 years of service, no KIAs, and one hell of a send off. I made one last plea to arm the Ressies before we open, denied.

My solemn hope is generations from now visitors will come to 76 and read this and know how dedicated their forefathers were. How we regrew America from the ashes.

But, I must admit I'm afraid, as well. If some of the experiments in the other Vaults go wrong... It can give you nightmares. And that's only the things I know about.

If we can only stick together, work together, I think we stand a chance.

Keeping a lid on it[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (30)

Had to lock down Casey for blabbing about the Activation Notice. The cat's already out of the bag, but orders are orders.

Procedure is we announce tomorrow, but you can feel the excitement. The team keeps asking what to expect out there. The nukes knocked out our external sensors so we're blind. Only the secondary geiger counters are operational.

Scuttlebutt gone wild. Lots of whispering of who's grouping up with who after Reclamation. I worry that the biggest threat to the Project isn't any threat we'll face out there, it's from within. The Ressies are a formidable lot, but give them free reignVault 76 terminal entries (31) and Lord help us.

Rundown Complete[]

Vault 76 terminal entries (32)

Team tore through the Activation Notice checklist. Logs wiped, non-essential gear secured, Reclamation Packages acquired, etc. The whole procedure went down in record time, like we've been practicing for years.

Some grumbling about unleashing the Ressies without the Overseer keeping them in check. But overall, a good performance.


Vault 76 terminal entries (33)

Vault 76 terminal entries (34)

Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

Happy Reclamation Day![]

Vault 76 terminal entries (35)

Today is the day, everyone. Reclamation Day!

We've been preparing for this momentsVault 76 terminal entries (36) for 25 years. We're ready. You're ready.

America is waiting for us. So let's get out there.

-- The Overseer

You're Invited![]

Vault 76 terminal entries (37)

Countdown to Reclamation Day!

Who: Everyone!
When: 10:00PM to Midnight

We've opened the remaining liquor rations and the official Vault-Tec party hats!

The Overseer will give a speech at 10 minutes to Midnight, and will lead the countdown. Have fun everyone!


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Vault 76 terminal entries (2024)
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