The Car, as you Know it Today, Has Come A Long Way

The modern car is amazing! When looking at Kia Rio specials, you’ll be assessing features such as 5-door hatch body types, petro engines, and automatic transmission. But the car as you know it today has come a long way, though there’s no single person who can take credit for all the beautiful transformation the technology has undergone since its inception.

All the different parts and functions of a car, from the engine to wipers, came up one at a time, over more than 5,000 years. This is how far the car has come:

 The Beasts of Burden

Over five thousand years ago, there was no new Kia or Kia Cerato to consider purchasing. Nobody knows whether it was the camel or horse, or probably the dog that humans used first for transportation! But one thing for sure is that prehistoric humans used animals as the “engines” to drive their sledges.

 The next vital step was the invention of the wheels, which were used on carts. Some people consider the wheel to be the greatest invention of prehistoric times. It’s not very clear how the first wheel was invented in around 3500 BCE. Yet, the invention of the wheel made possible and easier the transportation of heavy loads over longer distances.

The Steam Engine

Though steam engines were bulky and heavy, they provided the inspiration for the development of what’s considered by many today to be the world’s first car. Steam engine technology was used in 1769 by Frenchman Nicholas Cugnot to make a three-wheeled tractor. The tractor was used for pulling heavy military cannons.  This vehicle was nothing close to the Kia Rio specials you can explore today! It had a maximum speed of 3mph, and it was difficult to steer!

The World’s First Gas and Gasoline-Powered Car

Joseph Lenoir, a French-Belgian engineer, is credited with the design and make of the first gas powered vehicle. After playing around with several designs, the engineer was able to come up with a three-wheeled car that ran on gas. However, it’s Nikolous Otto who made the first car that used gasoline as fuel.

Karl Benz, on the other hand, is the German engineer who made the first practical gasoline car after improving on Otto’s designs.

Henry Ford’s Ideas

By the onset of the 20th century, cars were faster, practical, and exciting. However, gasoline-powered cars were very expensive, so many people around the world still relied on carts and horses for transportation. It’s Henry Ford, an American, who finally designed and made a car that many people could afford.

Mass Production of Cars

The introduction of the assembly line in the car manufacturing industry made it possible to produce a lot of cars within a short time. That also made cars more affordable. Ford was at the helm of this business model.

A look at Kia Cerato Brisbane exhibitions offer reveals stark differences between the modern car and where it has come from thousands of years ago. For any car you’re thinking of buying today, such as from a Kia Rio specials dealer, there are many comfort, aesthetic, and functional features to evaluate and choose!